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UltraClear Muck Digester 6 tabs

Sale price$18.99

UltraClear Muck Digester for ponds & lakes reduces undesirable muck, eliminates organic build-up, reduces sludge on the pond or lake bottom and improves water quality. Reducing muck and sludge in the pond reduces disease that fish are exposed to.
UltraClear Muck Digester tabs offer a convenient, cost effective solution for treating municipal ponds, farm ponds, industrial lagoons, and commercial & residential ponds and lakes. Great for cold water ponds too. UltraClear Muck Digester's convenient, easy to distribute one ounce dissolvable tabs make it simple for treating all types of ponds and lakes. The tabs are particularly effective for treating the bottom of ponds & lakes with a slow release of seven beneficial bacteria. Each tab contains 100% safe, natural ingredients. No harmful binding agents or chemicals are used!

UltraClear Muck Digester 6 tabs
UltraClear Muck Digester 6 tabs Sale price$18.99