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AlphaOne 3" Port Mega Filters

Sale price$3,849.95

AlphaONE 10.3 Mega Filter

GC Tek has been leading the industry in 3" technology. With the need to move vast amounts of water as inexpensively as possible 3" piping makes sound dollar sense. GC Tek now has complete 3" systems including Prefilters (AquaSieve SS3.3), Pumps (Artesian Pro 3"), Filters (AquaBead 10.3 and AlphaONE 10.3) and UV lights (Zapp Pure ZP40.3, 80.3 and MegaZapp). This is an industry First that we are proud of. The use of 3" piping and filtration equipment greatly helps you filter large amounts of water easily without the use of energy hawg pumps saving you lots of Green at the electric meter. Filter ponds up to 30,000 gallons through 9 cu. ft. of the industry's most popular media, the AlphaBioONE media.

The Multiport valve on this filter is huge and boasting true 3" ports at every opening. You can also have this filter on our new complete AlphaONE 10.3 PLUS System which includes the AlphaONE 10.3 Mega filter, ArtesianPro 3" pump and our Zapp Pure ZP40.3 stainless steel High Intensity UV all preplumbed together on all weather pads . Stainless steel AquaSieve SS3.3 prefilter available as an option.

Model Size (cu. ft.) Max Pond Size Flow Rate (gpm) Fish Load (lbs.) Dimensions
AlphaONE 10.3 10.0 30,000 gallons (U.S.) up to 180 gpm 500 lbs. 36.4"x 45"
AlphaONE 6.3 6.0 20,000 gallons up to 120 gpm 300 lbs 30.5"x36.75"

AlphaOne 3" Port Mega Filters
AlphaOne 3" Port Mega Filters Sale price$3,849.95