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Savio Living Ponds Waterfall Filter

Sale price$492.00



30” L (includes weir) x 22” W x 31” H


1.5” Inlet, 1.5” Drain
F-100 return 22” Weir
F-200 return 2" Thread 

Housing Volume

30 Gallons


3 Cubic Feet

Max Flow

5,000 GPH


5 Years

The Savio Livingponds Biological Waterfall Filter creates a dramatic 22” wide waterfall, in which all the mechanical and biological components are combined to filter ponds up to 5,000 gallons. The filter is actually buried within the waterfall thus eliminating any distracting components from view, and providing a more natural look to your pond.

Water enters the top of the filter where it is directed downwards toward the bottom vortex. The top down flow design eliminates the need for a check valve, and potential loss of prime. The open vortex collects heavy debris in the bottom of the housing, and allows for more thorough cleaning of the subsequent filter stages. Water then moves up through the innovative Springflo Biological Filter media. This unique media has millions of embossed indentations to enhance the total useable surface area for colonizing beneficial bacteria. The Springflo media will not clog, and easily releases any accumulated debris. In the final step, water passes through a “fines” filter mat to polish the water before is falls over the weir and back into the pond.

Savio Livingponds filters can run longer between maintenance cycles, and cleaning the Savio filter is very easy. Simply rinse the top polishing pad, shake the Springflo media a few seconds, and open the waste drain line. The whole process takes only a few minutes!

Savio Living Ponds Waterfall Filter
Savio Living Ponds Waterfall Filter Sale price$492.00