PondMax Pressure Filters

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The PondMax Pressure Filter is a high efficiency, triple action pond filtration system, perfect for ponds with plants, fish and other aquatic life. Providing biological and mechanical filtration, with an optional UV light addition, this filter will aid in crystal clear water for time to come. Easy to install and low maintenance, this very effective pressurized pond filter has a modern design with user friendly operation. The innovative backwash rinsing system does not require removal of the filter lid. The pressure filter includes a flow diverter valve, cleaning indicator, internal double action biological sponges, and 16 ft. power cord.

Instruction Manual
Model Maximum Pond Size Without Fish/Shaded Maximum Pond Size With Fish/Full Sun Max Flow UV-C Cord Length
PF750 750 Gallons 350 Gallons 1,000 GPH 9 Watts 16 Ft.
PF1200  1,200 Gallons 600 Gallons 1,200 GPH 13 Watts 16 Ft.
PF2400 2,400 Gallons 1,200 Gallons 2,400 GPH 18 Watts 16 Ft
PF3600 3,600 Gallons 1,800 Gallons 3,200 GPH 24 Watts 16 Ft.
PF4800 4,800 Gallons 2,400 Gallons 3,600 GPH 36 Watts 16Ft.

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