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AlphaOne AquaBead Filter

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AlphaOne and AquaBead Filters

The AlphaOne and AquaBead family of koi pond filters have long been regarded as best in class.  Both variants come complete with 2” side mount multi-ports (lower restriction), “Omnifuser” internals (double the lateral surface area, and allows for the water to move from as close as possible to the bottom of the housing and exit as close as possible to the top of the housing), clear upper lid (2.5 through 10.0 versions, easy access to internals), oversized/cleanable waste port (the largest in the industry), true pressure gage readings, biological life support system (a unique feature found only in this design), and a large drain/winterizing port.  Further, both models have a heavy-duty, rebuildable unionized spring check valve and a double wall body (molded fiberglass with spun fiberglass over the shell).  These features provide for the lowest back pressure of any pressurized filter in this class, as well as the most “feature rich” filter which makes these the most efficient and popular systems available.

What is the difference between the AlphaOne and AquaBead model?
Basically, the mechanical/bio media type.
AlphaOne Media

The AlphaOne is the more popular choice between the two, as it uses a more open type media which allows for waste particles to penetrate deeper into the media pack.  This allows for longer intervals between maintenance cycles, without sacrificing water clarity or total biological surface area.  The AlphaOne media is manufactured specifically for the line, and is not an “off the shelf” variant.  As it does not have “cross hairs”, this media will not trap organics internally which then are difficult to clean and can go anaerobic.

Aqua Bead Media
The AquaBead version uses solid beads to form a more compact media base.  These are best suited for ponds that are designed with adequate pre-filtration systems (ie - drum filters, wedge wire screens, vortex settling chamber, etc) to prevent excessive maintenance intervals

Optional AlphaOne and AquaBead LH (low head) version.
Although both the AlpahOne and AquaBead filters use the least restrictive multi-ports available, the multi-port still causes the majority of back pressure to the pump.  The LH option allows for unrestricted flow both into and out of the filter, completely bypassing the multi-port during normal filter operation, thus eliminating any back pressure.  The multi-port is then only used for filter maintenance functions (backwashing, recirculation, or direct to waste).  The end result is more flow without having to oversize the pump (lower pump purchase price, and lower operating costs).

Size (cu. ft.) Max Pond Size Flow Rate (gpm) Fish Load (lbs.) Dimensions
2.5 5,000 gallons (U.S.) 70 gpm 125 lbs. 21" x 32"
4.25 10,000 gallons (U.S.) 90 gpm 225 lbs. 24.75" x 34"
6.0 17,000 gallons (U.S.) 120 gpm 300 lbs. 30.5" x 36.75"
10.0 25,000 gallons (U.S.) 180 gpm 500 lbs. 36 7/8" x 42"

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