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Welcome to the Mystic Koi Omakase Experience!

Inspired by the time-honored tradition of Omakase, one of our expert handlers will choose for you an individual koi from a selection of beautiful, high quality koi fish!

Much like a skilled sushi chef crafting the finest meal for you, our goal with the Omakase Experience is to utilize our knowledge and expertise to hand-pick an ideal koi for your pond.

Please note that while the image shows an assembly of koi in a single bowl, your Omakase selection will consist of one individual koi, selected with care by the Mystic Koi team. No special requests are taken for Omakase fish.

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Omosako Showa - Omakase April 2024
Omosako Kujaku - Omakase April 2024
Omosako Ginrin Shiro Utsuri - Omakase April 2024
Izumiya Sumibuki - Omakase April 2024
Sekiguchi Showa - Omakase April 2024