Mystic Face Masks

Mystic Koi Face Masks

Keep yourself and others safe, while looking awesome at the same time. These are official Mystic Koi face masks, the same ones we wear here at the shop when are helping fix your pumps, or catching small koi for you. 

2 designs 1 size fits all

Limited run!

Fall Harvest Ikeage

Special Koi Requests

This Fall due to Covid-19 Mystic Koi will not be going to Japan to pick koi personally. Thankfully Shawn has developed great relationships with many Japanese Koi Breeders both North and South who are ready and willing to help find the koi you are looking for. Please fill out the form below for special requests. In many cases we will be able to send pictures and video directly from Japan to help you find the koi of your dreams. 
Fall harvest will begin sometime mid October until early November, and we want enough time to give our breeders enough time to keep in mind the koi you are looking for. 

Koi Request Form


Having to deal with quarantining koi and studying the ease of spread of disease we have a deep appreciation of the importance of taking necessary precautions to protect those that could come in contact with pathogens.  We also understand how important your koi are to you and the comfort that they provide during stressful times. As we value protecting our/your koi we also value protecting our employees and our customers so we have elected to do the following: 

-New hours: Open Friday thru Monday 10:00 - 3:00 and 11:30 - 2:00 on Sunday

-Masks are required for entry

-Text 909-287-543 or call 909-920-3767 and we will bring your order out to you. If you prefer not to enter our shop

-If you need a hug we will make meaningful eye contact and give you a warm hug from 6 feet away, of course.

We're carefully monitoring the situation in So Cal and are taking extra steps and precautions to keep our customers and teammates safe!  We are gonna give this a try and modify procedures if necessary.


Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you.