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Marujyu Azukari 2024 Collection

Marujyu Azukari 2024 Collection

**Azukari Terms and Conditions (Dead Guarantee & Female Guarantee)

by Marujyu Koi Farm**

1. The period from the point of sale until the harvest time during the following autumn is the “Period of Dead Guarantee”. Please see below for the terms and conditions in regards to if something were to happen to your koi, or if it dies during this period:

Example of Dead Guarantee

・You purchased a 2 year-old, 45cm female in autumn and we kept it at Marujyu Koi Farm for 1 year.

・The following spring, we release it to the mud pond. However, your koi unfortunately died during the summer, or we cannot confirm harvest time by the following autumn for your koi.

After confirming the facts, we will issue a credit coupon of the same amount. We cannot refund you the amount.

・When deciding to ship your koi after harvest, please do so within one month. If koi remain at our farm longer than 1 month after harvest, then we (Marujyu) are no longer responsible for the health of the koi. The right to Dead Guarantee or other guarantees will no longer apply. An additional year of Azukari period for the same koi will have to be negotiated with Marujyu, with the Dead Guarantee not applying for the second year. 

・If your koi dies due to natural disaster, such as an earthquake, typhoon, etc., the guarantee is no longer valid.   

※1 The Azukari Period applies from the moment the koi is purchased by you or your agent, until the result of the Azukari development of your koi is checked by you or your Agent. 

※2  The guarantee does not cover deformed body or fins, missing eyes, etc, and/or weakening or losing beni (red pigment), or development of secondary hi. However, we may help you with a discount towards your next purchase.

2. If a guaranteed female turns out to be a male koi after the harvest in autumn, we will issue a credit coupon of the purchase amount. We cannot refund you the amount. 

**The environment of a mud pond does have risks, including death and other variables. But we, Marujyu koi farm, think that the environment of mud pond gives the koi (and ourselves!) countless enjoyable moments and great experiences. This feeling is difficult to  describe and may only be understood by those who experience themselves. We would love to share that excitement with koi hobbyists and owners. We hope this experience helps us all to enjoy the Nishikigoi hobby together more and more, for years to come.

Thank you,
From all the staff of Marujyu Koi Farm and Mystic Koi!     

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Marujyu Tosai #1 Sanke 26cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #2 Kohaku 27cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #3 Koromo 32cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #4 Showa 27cm AZUKARI
Sold outMarujyu Tosai #5 Kohaku 26cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #6 Sanke AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #6 Sanke AZUKARI Sale price$1,500.00
Marujyu Tosai Showa #7 AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai Showa #7 AZUKARI Sale price$1,500.00
Marujyu Tosai #8 Showa 29cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #9 26cm Kohaku AZUKARI
Sold outMarujyu Tosai #10 Sanke 26cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #11 Kohaku 25 cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #12 Showa 22cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #13 Sanke 27cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Tosai #14 Aigoromo 27cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Nisai #15 Sanke 42cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Nisai #16 Sanke 50cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Nisai #17 Showa 43cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Nisai #18 Showa 40cm AZUKARI
Sold outMarujyu Nisai #19 Sanke 44cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Nisai #20 Kohaku 44cm AZUKARI
Marujyu Nisai #21 Aigoromo 43cm AZUKARI