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McDonalds Aquatic Plant Soil 4qt

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A perfect blend of ready-to-use planting soil, Florikan fertilizer included. This all-natural, non-toxic soil consists of a clay and sand mixture. McDonald's Pond Soil is perfect for supporting your aquatic plants.

One 4-quart bag will fill a 1-gallon planting pot.

Mix McDonalds Aquatic Plant Soil with water until it reaches a muddy consistency. Fill a one-gallon plant container or pot one-third of the way full with McDonalds aquatic plant soil. Carefully place the plant in the container, making sure the roots are buried in the soil. The point of growth of new shoots and leaves, located above the roots, should be level with the top of the soil. Pack soil down FIRMLY, and submerge carefully by tilting the pot at an angle, so the water doesn't disturb the top layer of soil excessively.


McDonalds Aquatic Plant Soil 4qt
McDonalds Aquatic Plant Soil 4qt Sale price$13.00