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KoiRX Terminate

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Keep your koi healthy and vibrant with KoiRX Terminate! Our specially formulated treatment is effective against salt-resistant parasites and fungal diseases, making it a must-have in your arsenal. Safe for use on "scaleless" koi and formulated with less toxic and more effective ingredients, KoiRX Terminate is a game changer for your pond.

Instructions for use:

  • A large pond water change of 25% or more before treatment is recommended. Increase aeration in the pond, if possible.
  • Remove all carbon from your filter, shut off protein skimmer, shut off your U.V. light, but leave your U.V. pump and pond filter running.
  • Add 3.5 oz (100 ml) of TERMINATE for every 1,000 gallons of pond water.
  • Re-treat daily for 3 days with a minimum of a 25% water change prior to each re-treatment.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Never mix any Aqua Meds Products with TAP water. The chlorine in the tap water will damage the natural “microbes” and medications in the products. Use with well-established and clean pond water.

The period between treatments may be shortened to 10-12 hrs. 25%+ pond water changes between re-treatments are very important.

Do not use salt or any medicated treatments when treating your pond with TERMINATE

32 oz (960mL) treats 3200 gallons three times
UPC# 636824838262

One gallon (3.79 L) treats 12,800 gallons three times.
UPC# 636824838279

  • Do not store below 60 degrees (F) or above 110 degrees (F).
  • Do not treat koi ponds with invertebrates.
  • DO NOT use TERMINATE if it has been frozen or stored below 50 degrees.
  • All products (not just Terminate) containing formaldehyde are toxic if they have been frozen.

KoiRX Terminate
KoiRX Terminate Sale price$34.45