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Cascade Air Stone with LED

Sale price$12.99


The Cascade LED Air Stone features 12 LED Lights that create a colorful ring of bubbles with constant ever-changing light effects, providing your tank with additional color and action, for you, as well as your fish! Great for Fresh and Marine tanks!

  • - Oxygenate your tank with the Cascade LED Air Stone. It connects to an air pump and a check valve via line tubing. The LED Lights are powered separately from the air supply, and use a USB power cord
  • - The Cascade LED Air Stone mounts to your tank via 3 sturdy and durable suction cups. In addition, you can secure it even further by using gravel or sand to cover it up to the top brim, leaving the LED Lights and Bubbler exposed
  • - Please Note: Air Pump, Line Tubing, and Check Valve not included
Cascade Air Stone with LED Sale price$12.99