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PondMAX pH Reducer Salt

Sale price$24.98

Create a healthy environment for your pond with PondMAX pH Reducer Salt! Our unique pHMAX formula safely lowers pH levels by up to 0.2 points with each application, combining pH lowering qualities with natural electrolytic supplements. Don't compromise on your pond's health - choose PondMAX pH Reducer Salt!

  • Quickly & safely lowers pH
  • Increases fish electrolytic uptake
  • Safe for all aquatic life

2lb Treats up to 32,000 Gallons
1oz for every 1,000gal or 30g for every 3,800 litres
4oz for every 4,000gal or 120g for every 15,2000 litres
8oz for every 8,000gal or 240g for every 30,400 litres

PondMAX pH Reducer Salt
PondMAX pH Reducer Salt Sale price$24.98