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PondH2O Koi-Catching Net

Sale price$40.00

Heavy duty, round net made from sturdy, reliable materials. Remove sludge, debris and catch your fish. A must-have for water gardens and ponds big or small!

Aluminum handle with soft neoprene grips extends to 9'10" in length. Removable top design makes switching between different net tops quick and easy. 
Features a protective guard to prevent the net from fraying, perfect for skimming leaves and small debris.

Available in 24 inch and 30 inch.
Please note the net top and the handle are sold separately.

Pro Tip:
Always use slow movements when approaching koi with your net. Quick or jerking movements may alarm koi, causing them to dart and flee. Slowly move your net through the water in a left-to-right motion; this will reduce drag on the net.

PondH2O Koi-Catching Net Sale price$40.00