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Airline Tubing Silicone 20ft

Sale price$7.23

Penn-Plax deluxe air airline tubing is made from a durable, flexible silicone material that allows it to endure for longer than most other airline tubing options.

Unlike non-silicone airline tubing, Penn-Plax Deluxe Airline Tubing won't harden or crack over time, so you can install it in the most demanding aquarium environments and expect it to withstand for longer.

This flexible material also allows the tubing to stay soft and flexible without kinking, so it's easier to work with and maintain in your air pumps, aerating ornaments and accessories. It comes in a standard 3/16" inch tubing diameter and is available at 20 foot lengths.
Airline Tubing Silicone 20ft
Airline Tubing Silicone 20ft Sale price$7.23