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Flex PVC

Sale price$3.97

Flex PVC pipe, sometimes referred to as "flex tubing," "spa tubing," and/or "flexible PVC" is perfect for use where the utilization of rigid pipe is either not practical or not desirable, such as pools, water gardens, water features, ponds, etc.
Made to be strong and long-lasting, this hose is ultra-flexible, easily routed in any direction without the use of multiple fittings. This simplifies plumbing layouts and installation of the job.

Comes in white or black.

-Sunlight, ozone and mildew resistant (not recommended for installations in continual sunlight)
-Can be used for above-ground or under-ground installations (with proper cushioning).
-Trimming or cutting tends to be easier compared to rigid PVC pipe (may be cut with PVC pipe cutters, a standard hack saw, a carpenters saw, etc.)
-Accepts standard PVC 40 fittings.

Flex PVC Sale price$3.97