This new rare variety of Asagi is the most stunning koi to hit the scene in many years! It is called Yuki Asagi or better know as the Snowflake Asagi. At the time of this Tutorial release there are only two or three of these rare koi in the US. A couple of decades in development, this gorgeous fish symbolizes the first snowfall on the red leaves from Fall. In this tutorial episode you will learn about the uniqueness of this wonderful koi before you ever see it available at your local shop.
Our tutorial video series is designed to Educate, Inspire, and showcase the beauty, art, and history of Japanese koi. World Renowned Koi Expert Shawn McHenry offers us a very special insight to the discussions including behind the scenes stories from his trips to Japan to acquire rare and unusual fish for his clients. We gain the most incredible insight from Shawn's experience, his warm personality, and his ever changing collection of beautiful fish he brings in for sale.