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UltraClear Potassium Permaganate 16oz

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Potassium Permanganate Solution is effective against external fish infections from fungi, bacteria & parasites, Trichodinia, Costia, Chilodonella & Flukes. It is also an effective solution for improving water quality & clarity by clearing cloudy water of organics. The Potassium Permanganate Solution is a strong oxidizer. One bottle (16 oz) treats a 6000 gallon pond. It is formulated for 2 ppm based on using a 16 ounce bottle in 6000 gallons. 

Read label before using. See Product Label PDF in "Features" Tab
Bottle contains Potassium Permanganate Solution.


Directions: Treat before noon. Increase circulation & aeration. Mix well in gallon pail of water. Disperse evenly around pond with extra water agitation. Use protective gloves.

Water Clarity Dose (2 ppm):
Dose @ 2 ppm Pot. Perm. Solution
Use 1 oz. per 375 gallons pond water
Use 8 oz. per 3000 gallons pond water
Use half strength for maintenance.

Parasite & Bacterial Dose (4 ppm):
Use double the above dose @ 4 ppm Potassium Permanganate Solution.
Repeat treatment every 3-4 days if needed
for parasites.

Water should hold pink hue for at least 6 hours. Repeat dose if pink color disappears within 45 minutes. Repeat with half dose (1 ppm) if pink color disappears after 1-2 hours. By-Pass Bio Filter when using 3-4 ppm dose.

Caution: STOP active treatment immediately if fish show signs of extreme discomfort such as jumping or gasping for air. Product should be neutralized (see below) if it remains active for 8 hours. DO NOT OVERDOSE!

How to neutralize: Use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to immediately neutralize (deactivate). Dose: 2 tbsp per 100 gallons (1 cup per 500 gal). Wait 4 days after neutralizing before treating again with Potassium Permanganate Solution. Do not use with any other treatments including water conditioners, dechlorinators, formalin, formaldehyde & medications.

General: Safe for most plants except hyacinths. Use one teaspoon per 5 gallons water for up to one hour for plant dip. Product may be harmful to snails. May stain porous materials.

Not for use on fish intended for human consumption.
Safe for most live plants and ornamental pond fish. Research specific plant before using Potassium Permanganate Solution.

Use required eye protection. Do not ingest. Flush with water for skin or eye contact. Seek medical treatment if ingested or severe irritation with skin. Product heavily stains.

UltraClear Potassium Permaganate 16oz
UltraClear Potassium Permaganate 16oz Sale price$29.75