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API AlgaeFix

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Treat and control algae growth and reduce your freshwater aquarium maintenance with API Algaefix Algae Control in Aquariums. This revolutionary product is specially developed to control many types of algae including green water algae blooms and string or hair algae and will not harm fish or plants. To treat algae, add 1 ml for every 10 gallons of water and repeat for three days until algae is controlled. Use weekly to keep aquariums clean and clear. Do not use with freshwater crustaceans including shrimp, crabs and lobsters. For indoor aquarium use only.

Key Benefits
  • Specially developed to help treat and control algae growth.
  • May help to reduce the amount of maintenance your aquarium requires.
  • Safe enough that it can be used weekly and will not harm your fish or plants.
  • Effectively controls ldquo green water rdquo algal blooms and string or hair algae.
  • Not for use in saltwater or with freshwater crustaceans and recommended for indoor aquarium use only.

HAZARDS TO ANIMALS: For indoor aquarium use only. Do not use ALGAEFIX with freshwater crustaceans including shrimp crabs and lobsters. HAZARDS TO HUMANS: Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.

API AlgaeFix
API AlgaeFix Sale price$15.75