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Article: Koi Fest 2024

Koi Fest 2024

Koi Fest 2024

Curious about what the Mystic Koi Grow Out is all about? Dive into the world of koi appreciation with this thrilling adventure!

What makes Mystic Koi Grow Out unique?

Imagine taking home certified jumbo tosai from top Japanese breeders like Marudo, Sekiguchi & Koda koi farms. Your mission? Grow them, feed them, and care for them like a true koi enthusiast.

How does the competition work?

After a year of dedication, the breeders fly in from Japan to judge the koi. you nring your hard work back to Mystic Koi where they will compete against all the other koi, to see who has done the best job growing koi. It's a serious learning experience, but at Mystic Koi, it's all about celebrating your passion and having a blast with fellow hobbyists.

See the grow out koi here


What's the ultimate prize?

The winner not only receives recognition for their hard work but also a round trip ticket to Japan. Picture yourself visiting all the breeders and hand-picking your dream koi. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with Mystic Koi Grow Out? Join us in the thrill of competition, the joy of learning, and the camaraderie of fellow koi lovers. Let's make this year's competition the most unforgettable one yet!

The Raffle System

We have tried our best to make this event as user friendly as possible. Heck you don’t even have to be in attendance to get the koi you want. 

-Click here here and here to see  go through the tosai to see what you like. Or even better come down and see the koi in person. Even if you are able to attend it is good to be prepared with a list of koi you really like and want to get your hands on. 


- Decide how many koi you want. Because this is a raffle system, your name will go into the random drawing for as many koi as you would like to take home. If you want 2 koi your name will go in twice, if you want 4 koi your name will go in 4 times etc. In this example you want to take home 3 koi. You will pre pay for 3 koi (refundable) and if you can’t make it to the show, submit a list of at least 3 koi in order of your preference. It is recommended that you provide a list of more koi for a better chance that you can participate in the event. Remember this year everyone who participates will have a guaranteed first round pick, after round is over we will add everyone elses name to the draw. 


-After lunch we start drawing names.  If you are in attendance you will have 5 minutes to select a koi (why the first step is very helpful) and if you are not there we will simply go through your list, pick your first available choice. If your name is drawn and none of your submitted pics are available, you can choose to take another koi available or obtain a refund.

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