Lemon Hariwake

In this Koi tutorial we are showcasing the rare Lemon Hariwake. This scaleless fish, otherwise called “Doitsu”, reveals the historical background of this stunning koi. The history traces back to the early Asagi bloodline and allows us to understand and imagine how hard the breeders are working to create beautiful and amazing new varieties. The Lemon Hariwake is a treasure that we are so very fortunate to put on camera in our Koi Discussions Series.
 Our tutorial video series is designed to Educate, Inspire, and showcase the beauty, art, and history of Japanese koi. World Renowned Koi Expert Shawn McHenry offers us a very special insight to the discussions including behind the scenes stories from his trips to Japan to acquire rare and unusual fish for his clients. We gain the most incredible insight from Shawn's experience, his warm personality, and his ever changing collection of beautiful fish he brings in for sale. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel for on going information on koi, goldfish, water turtles, ponds, water features and How To Build a Pond Tutorials.