Selecting Doitsu Sanke

Learn how to select a beautiful Doitsu Sanke for your pond through the skilled eyes of International Koi Judge, Shawn McHenry. What an incredibly fun way to learn about koi. We will teach you what to look for when selecting a high quality fish using mature two year old specimens. Shawn uses Japanese terms to explain the things you should look for when selecting one of these stunning Doitsu Sanke in this extensive koi discussions exercise.

Our tutorial video series is designed to Educate, Inspire, and showcase the beauty, art, and history of Japanese koi. World Renowned Koi Expert Shawn McHenry offers us a very special insight to the discussions including behind the scenes stories from his trips to Japan to acquire rare and unusual fish for his clients. We gain the most incredible insight from his experience, his warm personality, and his ever changing collection of beautiful fish he brings in for sale.