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Pure Pond FIltration

The New Pure Pond Filter from Evolution Aqua has arrived.

Pure Pond FIltration Pure Pond FIltration

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Learning Center Learning Center

EVO UV Lights

Introducing the all new EVO UV from Evolution Aqua Evolution Aqua has again raised the bar in performance and features with an all new ultra-violet pond clarifier. These feature rich units include unique features such as;

EVO UV Lights EVO UV Lights


Welcome to Mystic Koi!
We offer secured shopping directly on-line, backed by best-in-class service and support. Please feel free to call us toll-free at 800-775-2095 or email us should you have any questions, comments, or require help with your pond project or koi selection.

Mystic Koi will be closed July 4th and 5th
Have a great Holiday! 

Mystic Koi's annual Koi Festival
Growout Contest
May 30th the last Saturday of the month

Koi Pictures are here!!!!!




We invite you to our retail location to join us in festivities while we celebrate koi keeping.

Last years growout koi will be judged by some of the most famous koi breeders in Japan. The breeders Omosako, Taniguchi, Beppu will be in attendance for questions, and are our guest judges for our koi show


This years koi come from Koda, Sekiguchi, Marusaka, and Izumiya. To learn more about how this works click here.

As usual we will have delicious L&L BBQ lunch being served gratis. This year we are lucky enough to get our favorite local microbrewery ROK, to serve some of their delicious BEER! All of this while listening to the cool live tunes of the Studio band. What else could you want?

How about crazy sales on all merchandise at Mystic Koi. All hargoods have %15 sales along with sales on koi that are just too unbelivable!

•8am-10am Bring last years growout to be bagged
•10am shop opens
•11am judging starts, luch is served beer is being consumed
•1pm begin the drafting process for this years growout contest
•all day sales,fun, and goodtimes!

This video shows our staff releasing the koi from their long journey from Japan.

For detailed information on our grow out contest please click here - Coming Soon

To purchase your grow out koi, please click here - Purchase Grow Out Koi

Mystic Koi offers a "Price Match" guarantee on most all products!
Look for the Price Match logo next to select products.
For full details of our our program, click here - Price Match Guarantee


Our 12,000 Gallon Nexus Display Pond


Our New 5,000 Koi Pond... Equipment by Nexus, Cetus, EVO, Sequence, Ultima

Check out our newest products...

The all new EVO range of UV systems.

Manufactured by Evolution Aqua, these feature packed performance UV systems are now avilable at very resonable pricing. The EVO UV is available in both 55 watt and 110 watt versions. For more information, click here - EVO UV Systems.

The New Pure Pond Filter from Evolution Aqua has arrived.

The Pure Pond Filtration System is a new type of filter designed for the smaller pond and for use on quarantine systems. The Pure Pond system utilize Evolution Aqua's Pure Pond and Kaldnes K1 media, which allows the filter system to achieve optimum results very quickly. The system includes a UV light, Kaldnes media cage, trickle aeration screen, and Pure Pond Media basket. The Pure Pond filter is available as a complete system including a pump! Should you already have a pump, the filter can also be purchased alone.

For more information, please click here --- Pure Pond Filter

Also new from PerformancePro Pumps, the Artesian2 line of energy effecient primer type pond pumps.

PreformancePro Artesian2 pumps are the perfect choice for high efficiency and reliability combined with the convenience of self-priming. Molded of corrosion resistant polypropylene. Artesian2 pumps are ideal for applications in which the pump is positioned above the water level. The Artesian2 uses an all new primer wet end, includes two inch unionized fittings, and produces impressive flow numbers at low energy consumption. For more information on the all new Artesian2 Pump, please click here - PerformancePro Artesian2 Pumps.

The latest buzz on the koi and water garden forums is the innovative PURE Pond Media.

Pure Pond Balls contains billions of specialty bacteria encapsulated in a gel-like matrix. Pure Pond Balls release these bacteria colonies as needed, and so you no longer require regular dosing. At the AQUA 2010 Show in October 2010, Evolution Aqua&rsquos Pure Pond Balls were awarded the &lsquoBest Water Gardening Product of the Year.'

Here is just a sample of what people are saying about PURE Pond media;

"That jar of EA Pure Pond is probably the best investment I have ever made to improve my koi pond."

"I've been using it for two months and my water has never looked better."

"The water is absolutely sparkling!"

"It's like I've gone from standard definition to Hi-def. Now it sparkles and looks good enough to drink."

For more information on PURE Pond Balls, click here- PURE Pond Media.

We now carry Tomigai and Beni Koi Food. To see our full line please click here - Koi Food.

We have the impressive volume of work on koi by Harald Bachmann in stock, and at a new low price. Koi Volume 1 is an in-depth study of Gosake koi varieties, and the equally detailed Koi Volume 2 covers Kawarigoi. Coupled with this new low price, we are for a limited time offering free shipping.

For more information, click here ... Koi Volumes 1 and 2.