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Compact Savio Skimmer

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Compact Savio Skimmer Compact Savio Skimmer
Price: $347.40



Helix Skimmer

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Helix Skimmer Helix Skimmer
Price: $499.00

The Helix Skimmer uses the same technology as a pool skimmer, but yet in a pond. The skimmer can be used with a submersible or external pump. Fish can swim in and out of skimmer without being trapped. It is constructed of a heavy duty HDPE mold plastic. It comes with stainless steel screws to attach liner to the outside rim of the 12" faceplate. A 2" bulkhead is included to be put in the bottom flat back of the skimmer. There is a pre-drilled hole in the back for a external or submersible pump.(Reason for the pre-drilled hole is so the costumer does not need to buy a $60 hole saw drill bit that they will only use once.) Has an 8" x 8" x 8" basket that debris is compacted into due to the design of the Helix Skimmer. ..


Repl Cage Compact Skimmer

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Repl Cage Compact Skimmer Repl Cage Compact Skimmer
Price: $26.99

Replacement Media Frame for Savio Compact Skimmer...


Repl Compact Skimmer Foam

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Repl Compact Skimmer Foam Repl Compact Skimmer Foam
Price: $29.14

Replacement Pads for Savio Compact Skimmer (2 PADS) by Savio. Savio skimmer/filters also help skim leaves and debris off your pond's surface. ..


Repl Savio Skimmer Basket

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Repl Savio Skimmer Basket Repl Savio Skimmer Basket
Price: $45.88

Replacement debris basket with handle for the Savio Compact SkimmerFilter unit...


Savio Skimmer

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Savio Skimmer Savio Skimmer
Price: $465.30



Savio Skimmer Cage

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Savio Skimmer Cage Savio Skimmer Cage
Price: $29.98



Savio Skimmer Pad

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Savio Skimmer Pad Savio Skimmer Pad
Price: $20.23

Green Matala pads cut to fit Savio Compact Skimmer. Set of 2 pads. Each pad - 14.75" x 6"..