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Thermakoi Pond Heater Free Shipping

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Thermakoi Pond Heater

In the past it hasn't been easy to heat koi ponds, it meant getting plumbers out to run gas lines or propane lines. Now, with the ThermaKoi line of heaters, life just got easier for you and more comfortable for your koi.

The 1.5 KW unit plugs into a dedicated 115 volt 20 amp outlet

Made of 316 stainless steel and utilizing highly accurate electronic thermostats these units keep the water temp constant. Installs easily and quickly, with models able to regulate the temperature of ponds ranging from 300 gallons up to 18,000 gallons! Just plumb in line (2") entering the water at the end with the Safety flow switch and out the other end to the pond. Over load protected and built to last.

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