Microbe-Lift Blue Dye



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Microbe-Lift/Bio-Blue™ saves time and money! Does 2 jobs with a single application.
Safely colors water and blocks out algae causing UV rays. Pond Dye safely colors the pond water.

  • Safe - Non Toxic - Non-Pathogenic
  • Easy to use
  • Biodegradable
  • Once diluted, will not stain birds or fish, nor most concrete fountains or pond rocks.
  • Safe for humans, plants and aquatic life
  • Safely colors water a beautiful shade of blue
  • Blocks out specific light rays
  • Digests organic waste
  • Reduces noxious odors
  • No restrictions on swimming, irrigating or fishing
  • Makes off-color water more appealing
  • Mixes completely in hours

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