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AlphaOne 10.3 Plus Mega System Free Shipping

SKU: 2896


Use this system when you want to move a lot of water and use very little energy to do it. The 10.3 PLUS system comes with either an AlphaONE or AquaBead filter in the 3" version, Performance Pro Artesian Pro 3" pump (shown is the Artesian Pro AP 1 HP-HF HIGH FLOW pump however other sizes may be chosen by you for the exact flow you need for your pond and needs) and a ZapTek 40.3 UV. A stainless steel 3" prefilter is now available as an option. Price shown does not include the AquaSieve SS3.3 Prefilter. It can be added for 749.95.
This system was designed for people who enjoy ponds with clear water, want to move a lot of water and need to keep electrical costs to a minimum.

All of this is preplumbed on two all weather pads measuring 48" x 72"
Price quoted includes the above components and we are happy to quote you a customized version tailored just for you and your pond needs.
No other system like it.

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