Flexible PVC

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1 1/2 " Spa Flex

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1 1/2 " Spa Flex 1 1/2 " Spa Flex
Price: $1.86

You will need primer and glue to make a strong connection It can be hard plumbed or clamped to ABS barbed fittings on pumps and other filtering equipment...


2" Black Flex PVC

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2" Black Flex PVC 2" Black Flex PVC
Price: $2.94

Pump tubing. Great for repairs. Routes pipes in hard to reach areas. Flexible pipe means fewer fittings required. Glues to standard PVC fittings for easy installation...


2" Flex PVC

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2" Flex PVC 2" Flex PVC
Price: $2.79

Very Flexible, ideal for working in confined areas. Crush and impact resistant. Reduces the number of required fittings and permits the installer/user to make smooth, tight turns, thus, Saves time, labor and cost...