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Helix Skimmer

The Helix Skimmer uses the same technology as a pool skimmer, but yet in a pond. The skimmer can be ..


Repl Cage Compact Skimmer

Replacement Media Frame for Savio Compact Skimmer...


Repl Compact Skimmer Foam

Replacement Pads for Savio Compact Skimmer (2 PADS) by Savio. Savio skimmer/filters also help skim l..


Repl Savio Skimmer Basket

Replacement debris basket with handle for the Savio Compact SkimmerFilter unit...


Savio Skimmer Pad

Green Matala pads cut to fit Savio Compact Skimmer. Set of 2 pads. Each pad - 14.75" x 6"..