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Fido-Shock Fido-Shock
Price: $63.26

An electric fence is the ideal solution to protect your garden, flowers, shrubbery and garbage from animal mischief. The Fi-Shock® Economy Pet Deterrent Kit trains pets and/or keeps unwanted critters away. This product can be used to break your pets' bad habits and keep them fenced in. The electric fence delivers a mild shock, deterring animals from the area. It plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet and delivers continuous output. Keeps pets in and small animals out. Contains one energizer, ten 23" PVC fence poles, one 22" ground rod, 100 feet of aluminum wire, 50 cotter pins for fastening wire, one ground clamp and easy-to-follow instructions. Continuous AC current output. Range up to 1 mile under ideal conditions. Output voltage: 800 V +/- 20% open circuit voltage...


Pond Netting

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Pond Netting  20' x 30' Pond Netting 20' x 30'
Price: $52.38
Pond Netting 15' x 12' Pond Netting 15' x 12'
Price: $17.84
Pond Netting 15' x 20' Pond Netting 15' x 20'
Price: $27.86