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Mystic Koi 2018 Koi Grow Out Selection and Koi Festival

What is the Mystic Koi Grow Out all about?
Well, the short answer is it is all about having fun while learning more about our passion, koi appreciation! Mystic Koi has acquired over 80 certified jumbo tosai from Taniguchi, Omosako, and Beppu. You take the koi home for one year, grow them, feed them, and care for them. And one year later all 4 Japanese koi breeders fly from Japan to be the official judges to determine what they feel are the best koi. While this is a very serious learning exercise, we at Mystic Koi want to emphasize bringing hobbyists together to celebrate their passion while having fun.

Oh and let’s not forget the winner gets a round trip ticket to Japan to go visit all the Breeders and pick out their dream koi.

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This year we have Koda, Sekiguchi, Marusaka and Izumiya coming to judge there koi own this year. Who better to judge the show than the 4 Shinkokai judges who know these koi better than anyone else!

Teruyuki Hiroi
Marusaka Koi Farm

Ryu Mano
Izumiya Koi Farm

Masaharu Hoshino
Koda Koi Farm

Masayuki Sekiguchi
Sekiguchi Koi Farm


Last year Niigata koi breeders Koda, Sekiguchi, Izumiya and Marusaka provided some great koi for the grow out. This year we have gone south to Beppu, Taniguchi, and Omosako to provide the koi for this year’s growout. Firstly, all of these tosai come with certificates of authenticity. These koi are not sexed before they come in, the koi farms genuinely want to win this competition, and are supplying a mix of both male and female koi that will have a good chance to look great next year as well for years to come.

Any 1 Koi

Price: $500
If buying one koi you are guaranteed a first round draft choice. If you provide a list of the koi you want and it is not available when your pick is around you can receive a refund.

2 Koi special

Price: $900 for 2
If you buy 2 or more koi the price drops to $450.00 each. You are guaranteed a first round draft pick, then your additional picks will be in added to the second round pool. If you provide a list of the koi you want and it is not available when your pick is around you can recieve a full refund. However you have to go home with at least 2 koi to receive the 2 koi special.

Breeder Package

$1,200 for each a Beppu, Taniguchi, and Omosako
If you choose to take one koi from each breeder than you are rewarded with the best deal. You are guaranteed a first round draft pick, then your additional picks will be added to the second round pool. in order to receive this deal you must go home with a koi from each breeder.


While not well known in America, (after exploding in popularity in America) Taniguchi has quite quickly become a staple in high quality Kohaku and Sanke in Japan. And when you look at his 90cm+ (35’’) breeders it is easy to see why they have been winning many shows across Japan and Asia. His kohaku won 2 years ago at our festival, and I know he is looking for a repeat win.


Already known as the emperors of Shiro Utsuri, the Omosako family has supplied 50 of Zebra Jr.’s finest. Takahiro has done a great job selecting a great balance between koi that will be ready for show next year, and koi that will be ready for show in 3 to 5 years. If you like shiro utsuri with lots of sumi (black), or perhaps you like the stunning shiroji (white) as the eye catching focus of the koi, then he has you covered. Oh and look out he even included a few of his rare Showa this year.


Coming from the tutelage of the famous Sakai Fish Farm, these two brothers have been producing some very high quality gosanke. Located off the island of Shikoku, Beppu Koi Farm has dedicated themselves to producing top quality koi using a combination of hard work and advanced technology in fish husbandry. They provided over 20 pieces of Kohaku, and Goshiki. There is 2 tancho one kohaku one Goshiki that i know will go fast!
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