Goshiki Koi Fish Variety

April 20th, 2016 / No Comments

As we introduce you to the new style Goshiki koi (錦鯉), you quickly fall in love with its delicate intricacies, bright color and elegant feel. You quickly see the Asagi bloodline come out in this fish as the patterns and scale color variations stand out clearly as we display heron a blue show bowl. It’s easy to see why this new- style Goshiki Koi is gaining massive popularity in koi communities across the globe.

The Goshiki is an epic Fish that has a wonderful history in this hobby. Breeders have refined this koi variety for decades, and maintaining the original, old-style look and along the way have created a very delicate new-style of fish that is quickly gaining massive popularity from koi keepers. In this series, we will share a comparison of the old-style next to the new-style explaining the differences and history behind the koi.
We start with a magnificent specimen of living art that displays classic Goshiki and explain the qualities you should be looking for when selecting a koi for your pond.

When comparing these two Goshiki Koi (錦鯉) side by side, you can begin to understand and appreciate the years of hard work it took the dedicated Japanese Koi breeders to refine and develop the new style. As these fish, both new style & old style, are displayed in the blue bowl, it is breath taking to see the differences. Goshiki has come a long was over the last 50 years and I am excited to see where they will go over the next 50 years. Stay tuned for more on Koi Varieties.

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