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Bog Plant

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Most, but not all bog plants, we consider having WET feet, but DRY ankles. Bog and shallow water pond plants prefer moist soil until established and should only be in water deep enough to keep the soil moist. Basically, roots in the water, foliage out of the water.

Winterizing Bog Plants:
Once outside temperatures have cooled and bog plants begin to brown, prune excess foliage and discard any decaying material. Most perennial hardy bog plants can be left where they have been growing for the season, and may return the following spring.

Tropical bog plants can be brought indoors for the winter. They may be kept alive by placing them in a tray of water with a full spectrum grow light. They will not need to be submerged in water, just be sure the soil is kept constantly moist.

Taros and Canna bog plants can also be wintered over by storing the tubers in peat, then in a cool, dark place that does not reach freezing temperatures. Once the plants have died back after a frost or freeze, cut off the dead foliage and remove all soil from the tubers. Allow to dry a day, then store them in slightly moist peat until time to replant in the spring. Check periodically over the winter months to make sure they are not drying out or getting moldy.

Bog Plant
Bog Plant Sale price$15.00